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Review of Hercólubus or Red Planet by V.M. Rabolú

I read Hercólubus or Red Planet by V.M. Rabolú because I was curious to see if the author was riding the coattails of the Planet X/Mayan/Nibiru cataclysm prophecy. Indeed, Rabolú in 1999 prophesied planet Hercólubus a few years after the prediction of Nibiru, and then later Nancy Lieder used Rabolú's prophecy to bolster her claims of Nibiru.1 After the failed 2003 Nibiru prediction, the Nibiru idea came back as part of the a 2012 Mayan cataclysm prophecies. Rabolú did not give a specific time for his Hercólubus prediction, just that it was a very short-term prophecy.

I found the book to be humorous though not as V.M. Rabolú intended. While some of the wackiness can be attributed to questionable translations from Spanish, the bulk comes from good ol' made up crazy. If the author intended fiction, that would be one thing, but he was clearly and earnestly prophesizing. The book has no references so I assume that it is the author's own ass from where his claims came from. The first paragraph really sets the mood:

Humanity is spellbound by the predictions of the falsely called 'scientists,' who do nothing but fill Humanity with lies. Scientists distort the truth.

Well then, we sure wouldn't want any carefully-documented observations of nature and logical explanations to get in the way of the truth, so let's see what V.M. Rabolú professed:

Spoiler alert START

Chapter 1 is about the coming collision of a red planet that's about six times the size of planet Jupiter. The impending doom is the punishment we deserve to end so much evilness, we can do nothing about it, and there is no time to waste in illusory things. Ironic as he just put his imagination to print. And scientists will want to attack the red planet and that will cause the quicker demise of Earth because Hercólubus has superior fire power. Oh those meddling scientists.

Chapter 2 is about how the atomic bomb tests in the Pacific ocean have opened cracks to the inner fire of the Earth. Sea creatures have been gestated and nourished with this atomic energy and will ascend on the coastal cities and raze everything. Didn't this already happen several times in old Japanese Godzilla movies?

Chapter 3 is about the civilizations on Venus and Mars with details on how they farm, fish, and even how they dress. Rabolú ignores evidence from space probes that actually visited those planets and instead makes things up out of whole cloth. The Venusians are true men and women because they don't fornicate even for procreation. Go figure. The Martians are exactly the same as the Venusians. Oh but wait, the author soon changes his mind, as they're not the same because they're heavier and dress in soldier uniforms. And those damn scientists and gringos ignore the interplanetary solar-powered invincible spaceships that will be available to rescue only those people who work with the formula that is given in this book.

Chapter 4 is about the Psychological Defects of humanity and how such defects should be disintegrated by using the lance of the Divine Mother. And of course those damn scientists ignore the truth.

Chapter 5 is about the mantras to chant so you can move to the Astral Plane or Fifth Dimension where there are Hierarchies that teach Wisdom that cannot be found in books or universities. Never mind scientific discoveries; just make things up with intuition. And there's a mantra that should be used to exit conscientiously, as leaving abruptly would upset such supposedly wise beings.

In the final chapter, V.M. Rabolú implores humanity to use his formulas to gain wisdom before the coming destruction so that you can be rescued by space aliens.

Spoiler alert END

Hercólubus or Red Planet is a rambling incongruous screed from a man that rejects credible evidence based on the natural world and instead arrogantly presents his intuition as fact. The author died in 2000 so the fulfilment of his very short-term prophecy keeps fading ever so dimmer.

Torsten Pihl 2011-2019


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