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List of Free-Energy Failures

Over the centuries and still to this day, charlatans or delusional folks claim to have the answer to all our energy needs by creating something out of nothing. Failure can be useful for learning but some people don't seem to learn from their own failures or from history, but charlatans have learned to fool the gullible.

This is a very incomplete list. If you have suggestions, corrections, or a particular device and persons/companies involved, please let me know at, thanks!

Date Who What Comments


Ecowatts Thermal Energy Cell


Steorn Ltd

The Steorn Orbo, Orbo Cube, OCube and OPhone

John Roy Robert Searl and Searl Magnetics, Inc

The Searl Effect and the Searl Effect Generator (SEG)
1920's Thomas Henry Moray Moray Valve "radiant energy device"

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